Making additions and renovations to your Indianapolis, IN home can substantially increase its value. Among the most beneficial projects is a bathroom remodel, which can upgrade your home’s functionality and appearance while also providing you with a high return on investment (ROI).

However, this type of project usually requires a lot of work that will take up a considerable amount of time. Knowing how long a bathroom remodels takes should help you prepare for the project and plan for any alternative living arrangements while the project is ongoing.

Average Length of Time for a Bathroom Remodel

The amount of time it takes to complete a full bathroom renovation depends on the finish level and scope of the project. You can expect the actual construction phase to take anywhere from five to seven weeks if the entire bathroom is being renovated.

Even though most bathroom remodels take one to two months to be finished, this isn’t a strict timeline. For instance, if you don’t expect to change the bathroom’s footprint or to add new plumbing, the remodel could be completed in less than one month. The same is true if electrical work doesn’t need to be done and custom tiling isn’t being created. Every addition to the project adds to the final timeline.

If you’re set to alter your bathroom layout significantly via a full renovation or by obtaining imported materials, your renovation may take longer than the average. You may also change your mind in regard to the initial material choices you make, which could add a couple more weeks to the project.

Estimated Timeline for Each Phase

Every stage of the bathroom remodeling project has its own average timeline. If your project is smaller and only uses a handful of these upgrades, you can obtain an accurate estimation of the entire project timeline by adding together the stages that apply to your project. You have some control over how long the bathroom remodels takes.


Demolition work typically takes two to five days, depending on how much of the bathroom needs to be destroyed and how large the bathroom is. The types of materials that are currently in your bathroom can also dictate how long the demolition takes. Timber studs and sheeted walls can be demolished in a short period of time.

Plumbing Rough-ins and Carpentry

The addition of plumbing rough-ins takes around one to four days. Plumbers and electricians will do their rough-in on the walls and floors once the basic aspects of the structure have been implemented.

As for rough carpentry, this part of the process can take two to three days. Keep in mind that this stage is optional. In the event that your bathroom’s existing structure is in great condition, rough carpentry isn’t needed.

Tiling Preparation and Sheeting

Tiling preparations will take upwards of one to three days. The tiles you select depend on the straightness and size of the wall. Large tiles work best when paired with straight walls and sizable spaces. In this stage, windows and doors are installed. Sheeting only takes one to two days and can be completed immediately after tile preparations are performed. This sheeting is applied to the ceiling and walls.

Waterproofing and Tiling

The waterproofing process is a job that takes around two to four days. During this step, the entire room will be waterproofed to make sure that it remains watertight for years to come.

Tiling is a long stage that usually takes five to seven days to be completed. Tiles need to be cut and installed on the walls and floors of the bathroom. Once this process is finished, the shower screen can be measured and fully fabricated.

Tile Finishing and Trim Painting

After the tiles are installed in your new bathroom, joints will need to be grouted, which takes anywhere from one to three days. Adding trim and painting around the windows and doors can take one to two days.

Plumbing and Electrical Additions

Plumbing and electrical fixtures are only implemented toward the end of the project. These elements will be connected to the rough-ins mentioned previously. You should expect the plumbing and electrical additions to take one to two days apiece. The types of electrical additions you might obtain include light fittings, switches, and fans.

Accessory Installations

The final stage of a bathroom remodel involves the installation of accessories, which takes one to two days. These accessories can include a robe hook, hand towel holder, and toilet paper holder.

Factors That Determine Bathroom Remodel Timeline

There are many factors that can alter how long it takes to remodel your bathroom, which include everything from your bathroom’s current condition to your ability to get the necessary materials.

Current Condition of Bathroom

Looking at the current condition of your bathroom should give you a more thorough understanding of what improvements need to occur during the remodeling project. Repairing or upgrading existing elements doesn’t take as much time as beginning from scratch. Adding new wall frames or flooring will also substantially increase the project timeline.

Number of Contractors Hired

Different types of contractors offer different expertise during a bathroom remodel, which can help you more efficiently complete a project. It’s possible to hire one contractor who has experience with housing infrastructure and another contractor who knows how to manage logistical systems. Having multiple experienced contractors on hand can help you avoid mistakes that delay the timeline.

Material Availability and Procurement

The materials needed for a bathroom remodeling project aren’t always readily available. If you’re able to obtain all materials locally, your project timeline shouldn’t change too much. On the other hand, needing to wait for materials to become available or choosing to purchase materials from overseas can lead to delays. Early project planning can mitigate these delays.

Possible Delays During the Permit Approval Process

A large bathroom remodeling project that requires plumbing or electrical work can’t be completed unless you first obtain permit approvals. This step is time-consuming but is often handled by the contractors you hire. It’s possible for the permit approval process to take two to six weeks. A lengthier duration is possible if there were any mistakes in the permit application.

Project Scope

The scope of your remodeling project will determine if it takes a couple of weeks or more than two months to be completed. A small cosmetic rework may be completed in as little as three to four days. Before you begin this project, you should know how long you’re willing to have your home worked on.

Our Services

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We can also install water heaters and water softeners. Excavation is available if some of your existing plumbing components need to be replaced during the remodel. Call Hope Plumbing today if you have questions about our plumbing options or would like to schedule these services in Indianapolis.

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