How Your Toilet Works

    Understanding how your toilets work can help diagnose several plumbing issues. The anatomy of a toilet is fairly simple. This can be helpful to you if your toilet is leaking, running, or flushing improperly. If you understand what’s going on in there, it can be easier to understand the cause of your plumbing problems.

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    Here are the basic parts of your toilet:
    • Base – This is attached to the floor with a flange. A wax ring is inserted between the flange and the fixture to create a seal. The toilet is bolted to the flange with closet bolts
    • Supply line & shut-off valve – The thin pipe connecting your toilet to a water source is your supply line. At the wall, there is a shut-off valve that will shut off water to the toilet.
    • Flush handle – Located just outside your toilet tank. This triggers the parts inside your toilet to work.
    • Flush valve – The part inside your toilet that releases the water when activated by the flush handle.
    • Trip lever – The chain inside the tank that lifts the flapper to allow the water to be released to the bowl.
    • Flapper valve – This creates the seal in the tank that holds the water before and after a toilet flush.

    If your toilet is rocking, it may need new bolts or flange. If the base is leaking, this may mean you need a new wax ring. Inside the tank, it gets a little more complicated. If the handle doesn’t do anything when you push it down, something may have come disconnected or broken in the tank.

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