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Repairing a sewer line is a complex process. Since the sewer main line is entirely underground, excavating your yard is the only way to access the sewer main. Our experienced plumbers may need to use large equipment, such as a backhoe to reach your sewer main. During the process, we also need to obtain a permit from the city. All these things can certainly add up to the total amount of expenses.

Hope Plumbing offers competitive prices for sewer repair in Indianapolis. We also make sure that our prices are upfront before we proceed with the repair. We understand that it is more important to get your sewer repair fixed rather than to make a profit.

Yes. Taking safety precautions is a big part of this particular job. Our team of experts uses every safety measure to prevent cave-ins during excavation and damage to gas and water lines.

If your end up only needing to replace a section or do a spot repair on your sewer line, you’ll most likely need to do some maintenance every two to five years. If you replace the whole thing, the sewer work and parts we use come with a 50-year warranty.

A lot of folks put off getting their sewer line replaced for fear of the big mess that has to be made when we come out to dig up the backyard. Yes, you can expect a large backhoe and possibly a shutdown of the street or alley outside your home. You’ll have large piles of dirt, a deep trench, and caution tape in the yard.

Yes, it’s an invasive process and you might feel more comfortable staying in a hotel or somewhere else for a night or two. But I can also tell you that you won’t be sorry you took care of the problem, and you can trust you’re in good hands with Hope Plumbing. We’ll make sure to get your yard back into the best shape we possibly can. When we finish the job and backfill the dirt, there will be a two to four-foot mound of dirt left behind, lasting six months to a year. Here’s a tip: If you water the mound, it can be back to normal even faster.

Unfortunately, homeowners are fully responsible for the maintenance and repair of all home plumbing, including the lines that travel from residential structures out to the sewer main. This includes all blockages that occur in any public utility easements and public rights of way that are defined in the property title.

Upfront, bundled pricing means that every customer will know the cost of their project before ever committing to work. We present all options and their cost before starting to ensure that we are giving every customer the best service at a price that they’re comfortable with.

Softener systems are crucial, especially in Indiana. We have some of the hardest water in the country and that can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Hard water creates scale deposits that can gunk up your water lines, as well as your fixtures. It also dries out your skin and hair, and leaves water stains on your dishware. Installing a water softener can help prevent these issues, prolong the lifespan of your plumbing system and make cleaning your home easier.

A water softener removes calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from your home’s water. A water conditioner changes the chemical makeup of these minerals to help prevent scale build up in your water lines. The minerals are still present in the water, but they will not cause as much damage as they would without a conditioner system.

Most people know that plumbers work on water lines and plumbing fixtures such as faucets, but people seldom realize they also work on sewers, gas lines and water treatment systems. At Hope Plumbing, we pride ourselves on having highly trained, versatile technicians that are able to handle all of our customers’ plumbing needs.

Odors stemming from a kitchen sink are often related to food particles stuck in the drain and/or disposal. A simple way to clean your disposal is to put liquid dish soap on an ice cube and run your disposal. Another trick to help eliminate odors is to put lemon juice down the disposal before running it. If you are still experiencing a foul odor, you may want to call the professionals at Hope Plumbing to investigate further.

Yes, we offer multiple financing options through GreenSky Financing. Our goal is to always provide quality service at an affordable price. For more information, click on the financing tab on our website.

There are several differences between a tank heater and a tankless heater, most notably the amount of space a tank heater needs compared to a tankless heater. Another key difference is the amount of gas or electricity a tank heater uses. Tank water heaters run constantly where tankless water heaters only kick on when a fixture calls for water – ultimately cutting down your utility cost. Not to mention, tankless water heaters provide unlimited hot water and often have a longer life expectancies than a tank heater.

There are a few reasons to call Hope Plumbing about your water heater. We recommend yearly water heater flushes to help maintain the lifespan of your water heater. Other signs that you may need a plumber is if your water heater is leaking or if it is making popping sounds. The popping noise is a classic sign that the scale has built up on the water heater.