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Although not every home needs a sump pump, Hope Plumbing strongly recommends sump pump installation services for homes that have a crawlspace or basement. This is because sump pumps are typically installed in a space below ground level in your home Our team of expert plumbers in Indianapolis can guide you through the installation process and help determine what type of sump pump your Indianapolis home could benefit from the most.

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The Purpose of Sump Pumps

  • Rain or natural ground water can enter your home through a perimeter drain. This water can fill a pit in your basement, and your sump pump works to remove water by pumping it out into a dry well or a storm drain.
  • A sump pump is usually required in homes that have space below ground level, such as a basement or a crawlspace. Without a sump pump, this space typically floods when it rains heavily. Your sump pump can help prevent this flooding by pumping water out before it reaches the top of the sump pit.
  • Every sump pump eventually fails at some point in its lifetime. For example, if your power goes out, your sump pump won't work. This is why we recommend having a battery-powered backup sump pump in addition to your primary sump pump. This can help prevent flooding in your home if there is a heavy storm and you lose power.
  • You can test that your sump pump is working correctly by dumping water in it. You can hear the pump kick on and begin pumping out water. It's always a good idea to check that your sump pump is working in the spring before the heavy rains to prevent your basement from flooding.

What Causes Sump Pump Failure?

There are several reasons why sump pumps stop working:

  • Old age (average lifespan is 10 years)
  • Loss of power
  • Faulty, Infrequent, or Irregular maintenance
  • Units that are too small
  • Incorrect installations
  • Sump pump switch problems
  • Blocked or frozen discharge lines

How You Can Prevent Sump Pump Failure

To ensure your sump pump is set up for maximum efficiency, there are a few easy things you can do:

  1. Inspect the cord for damage.
  2. Make sure the discharge pipe's vent hole isn't blocked.
  3. In case of power surges, plug it into a GFCI outlet.
  4. Verify that the pump is vertical and not tilted to one side, since this can prevent it from operating.
  5. To ensure the pump works efficiently, pour a bucket of water into the pit if it hasn't been running for a while.
  6. Arid forecasts can draw small stones into the grate at the bottom of the sump pump, so you should remove it during times of drought and clean it.

Why Choose Hope Plumbing for Sump Pump Repair?

At Hope Plumbing, we recommend Zoeller® pumps and battery powered backup sump pumps. Zoeller® is a reliable and affordable brand that is completely manufactured in the USA. Each pump is tested by hand to assure its quality. We typically install a 1/3 horsepower sump pump in standard situations. Our Indianapolis sump pump specialists can also install homeowner provided sump pumps and backups should our customers choose to use these instead.

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