Your home is supposed to be a place you love, where you rest and enjoy life. However, it also comes with a lot of fear, and one of those fears is water damage. While water is so crucial for survival and life, it is also a very destructive force of nature at other times. The thought of water leaking from toilets or pipes can be very scary. It is usually a rare form of damage to your home, but the disruption to your life and unexpected repair costs can prove quite daunting. You want to do anything you can to prevent such instances, so it helps to know about things that could cause your house’s pipes to leak in the first place. That way, you can take steps to keep it from happening or at least have some idea of what warning signs to look out for.

1. Broken Seals

Plumbing is not always comprised of only metal pipes. When contractors install appliances, they often use rubber sealant around connections to keep those connections watertight. This is why dishwasher doors often have rubber around the edges, so your kitchen floor doesn’t get flooded every time you run the machine. Appliances will age over time, however, so any sealing that is present might start degrading. In time, it might even break down. If you ever find puddles or condensation near your appliances, then a broken seal might be the spot where a pipe has started leaking.

2. High Water Pressure

A high level of water pressure can make your morning shower feel amazing, but it is also putting your pipes under duress. The higher your water pressure goes, the greater the risk you run of leaks happening eventually. In the most extreme situations, the wrong pressure might make pipes burst. Many faucets and pipes can only take water pressure up to 60 psi. If you have noticed leaks here and there, or you are just worried about the water pressure in your house, then contact a certified plumber to test your home’s water pressure.

3. Corrosion

As a plumbing system ages, pipes can start being eaten away by corrosion and rust. In time, there might be enough of an opening that water can escape. Depending on the age of your property and its possibility of leaks, you might need to start thinking about upgrades. Brass pipes are known to last up to seven decades, but galvanized steel might start failing after just two decades. Corrosion can happen faster if there are imbalances in the mineral content and pH levels of water.

4. Line Clogs

A clogged line rarely feels like an urgent threat, but it might wind up leading to overflowing pipes or even bursts. This can happen when pressure builds up behind a blockage and results in structural damage. If that clog has corrosive substances, such as household chemicals, then the damage to your pipes might be expedited. Hair traps and other steps that prevent things from going down the drain can help to prevent clogs. You may find yourself in need of professional drain cleaning to take care of the issue.

Other Reasons Your Pipes Might Be Leaking

While the previous four scenarios are big reasons why your pipes might be leaking, they are far from the only possible scenarios. There are others that you should watch out for in your home and around your property. Knowing what else to look out for can help you be proactive in addressing leaks.

Fixture cracks can happen at various points in the lifespan of a bathroom or kitchen. If someone you live with trips in either room or catches themselves on the sink faucet, then the physical impact might result in a crack that leaks. It might also happen out of normal view, such as underneath a sink because items are repeatedly forced into the storage space. If you see any damage in such places or to the surrounding pipes, contact a plumber to check things out.

Plumbing issues might be inevitable from how a system was installed. Improper pipe laying can lead to leaks and emergencies months and even years later. Since plumbing systems need water to go against the flow of gravity, it is crucial that pipes and their connectors are laid properly. In many cases, backflow devices become necessary. If you think that this might be the case, a plumber can do an assessment of your plumbing system.

Loose water connections might include pipes and hoses that get loose. This might happen due to the movement or shifting of appliances that they are connected to, such as a washing machine hose that shakes out of position during a spin cycle. If you find puddles around your appliances or water running straight out of a supply line, then this might be the case.

Pipes are perhaps the most vulnerable at their joints. These are curved pieces that attach to the straight pipes on one side and redirect water where it needs to go through your entire home. With enough passage of time, extra water pressure and extreme temperatures can be rather difficult to pipe joints. That will make them start deteriorating. If pipes make banging or ticking noises, then you are probably having joint issues. This is especially true if you are running your hot water at the time.

Sometimes, the source of the leak is outside of your house instead of inside it. You might have tree roots interfering with your water lines, and that can make moisture start seeping out across the yard. Check your lawn for sinkholes or wet patches. Trees growing too close to your physical home and sudden drops in your house’s water pressure are also causes for concern about roots intruding too far.

Tree roots are not the only underground movements that might shift where your pipes are placed. Flooding can do it, and so can small earthquakes. Ground movement can make pipes crack, bend, or twist. They might even separate altogether. All these evens can create leaks underground. You might not notice until you experience slow draining or water supply issues.

Why You Need to Find Leaks and Fix Them

You are likely aware that you need to find leaks and fix them fast, but knowing why this is necessary might be another matter. For starters, you want to avoid high water bills. Even a small water leak can add up with enough time, and just $20 extra per month is a few hundred over the year. Putting off repairs can lead to expensive repairs and restoration later.

There is also the matter of water safety. You do not want your family drinking, cooking, or cleaning with contaminated water, nor do you want sewage leaks in your yard. Keep your water supply reliable.

Preventing damage is the biggest reason to find and deal with leaks as soon as you can. You run the risk of interior damage, exterior damage, and even damage to the property of others around you.

Do Not Deal With Leaks Alone

Worrying about your home might be something you always do, but you do not have to do it alone or feel helpless. Professional plumbers can help you detect leaks, prevent them, and repair your leak if something does go wrong. Do you currently live in Indianapolis or any of the surrounding communities? If so, then reach out to us at Hope Plumbing for a consultation and learn more about the plumbing services. We can also assist with the installation of water heaters and water softeners. We will answer your questions about what we can do regarding finding, fixing, and preventing leaks in your home.

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