Do you know who to call if you come home and smell natural gas in your house?

Gas busters! Just kidding, but you’re welcome for getting the song “Ghost Busters” stuck in your head now.

Backing up a bit is the first step in understanding how to detect a gas leak in the first place. Did you know that gas companies add a smell to natural gas so you can use your nose to detect any gas leaks? Below are a few common indications that a gas leak is present in your home (beyond just using your nose):

– Finding a damaged connection to any gas appliances- Hearing a roaring or whistling noise- Uncovering dead vegetation near a gas pipe- Seeing unusual soil movement or bubbling water

Gas leaks can become scary situations quickly, which is why most people rush to call the gas company first. Once the gas company arrives, they will perform a gas detection test. If you fail the test, the gas company will turn off your gas and tell you to call a plumber. Not having gas is a huge inconvenience to most homeowners, especially during the cold months.

The next time you fear a gas leak in your home, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Call the local plumbing company and explain your issue and concerns. You can call Hope Plumbing directly at (317) 641-4673.
  2. Open up any doors and windows until help arrives.
  3. Stay with a family member or friend until the plumber arrives to help you. Please take any pets with you too!
  4. Avoid entering the home again until you’re sure everything is safe, and the leak has been found.

In a nutshell, by calling the plumbing company first, we can find exactly where the leak is located without forcing you to shut off your gas right away.

For more tips about keeping your home warm and winterized during these cold months, you can download our winter preparation guide here.

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