If you have dirty sewer lines, you are certainly free to clean them on your own, but this is not the best option. Unless you are a plumber, you are not trained and knowledgeable about the ways of cleaning a sewer. Professional plumbers receive training and have years of experience, so they are the best choice if you want the job done professionally and effectively.

You also must consider how often your sewer needs cleaning. It is not enough to clean your sewer once and forget about it. The sewer is like any other appliance in your home. It needs occasional service, so professionals advise that you clean the sewer between 18 months and two years. This is a schedule that you must adhere to religiously. Otherwise, issues that you fail to address will get worse, and it will be very expensive to fix them.

It is also possible that your sewer could require more frequent cleanings, which requires a lot of work. Cleaning your own sewer lines is not a job that you should take on.

Signs that Your Sewer Requires Cleaning

If you experience any of the following signs that your sewer needs cleaning, the best thing you can do is contact a professional plumber.

The Drains Are Slow

If it takes a long time for your toilet to drain, a clogged sewer may be the reason.

Your Drains Develop Clogs on a Regular Basis

An occasional clog is not hard for you to handle on your own with a plunger. However, when clogs occur on a regular basis, it may be time to have the sewer cleaned.

There Is a Bad Smell

You must have your sewer cleaned when you notice that your toilet or your drains smell bad. As you constantly place debris down your drain, the debris builds up and creates clogs that begin to smell. You must deal with these clogs as quickly as they occur.

The Toilet Backs Up

When the toilet backs up, it is a sign that your sewer requires cleaning. In most cases, all our plumber will need to do is clear out the clog for your toilet to work again. The backup could also be due to something more serious. For example, while cleaning your sewer, our plumber may find that tree roots have infiltrated your sewer system. In that case, our plumber will remove these roots for you.

The Benefits of Having Your Sewer Lines Cleaned by a Professional

When homeowners believe they must clean their sewer lines themselves, they often delay the job because it is time-consuming and unpleasant. When you hire expert plumbers from Hope Plumbing, our plumbers will do the work for you. There will also be benefits, such as:

Fewer Back Ups

Water leakage due to backups can cause a significant amount of water damage. Cleaning up this damage and fixing what is broken can easily cost thousands of dollars. Regular maintenance prevents these backups from occurring and protects your bottom line.

Fewer Clogs

Regular maintenance keeps your sewer lines clear so that you are less likely to have clogs. Maintenance does not allow grease, leaves, or dirt to build up. If there is no buildup, there are no clogs throughout the year.

Fast and Clear Drains

Regular maintenance will ensure you no longer see standing water in your shower or sink. This occurs when you are not maintaining your sewer lines often enough, and debris has a chance to build up. With regular maintenance, our plumber will flush your sewer system so water can flow freely.

No More Bad Smells

No one likes it when the drains are smelly. The smell can be so strong that it penetrates the rest of your home. Regular maintenance removes the sediment and debris that smells so your home smells fresh and clean.

The Benefits of Having Your Sewer Lines Cleaned by Us

One of the main benefits of having our professionals clean your sewer lines is that you don’t have to do it. A layperson would have to go into the sewer to find the clog that blocks the flow of water. Our professionals have several tools that help them find the clog, and one of them is a camera. After our plumbers discover the clog, they can use specific tools to clear the debris. After the sewer line is clear, our plumbers can place the camera into the sewer line again and make sure that everything is clear. Most likely, you do not have the required equipment to do this work.

One of the main reasons people resist calling a professional to have their sewer lines cleaned is because it costs money. If you fail to call a plumber to have this work done, the problems in your sewer lines will only worsen over time. By the time you break down and call a plumber, you may have extensive water damage, and your drains will be in very bad shape. The cost of regular maintenance would be much lower than the amount you would have to pay due to the extensive damage.

When the water is allowed to flow freely, your pipes won’t harbor bacteria and mold. These organisms can cause infections, illnesses, and other issues. They may even negatively affect your breathing. When there are no clogs, the bacteria and the fungi move through the system without causing any issues for you and your family.

Professional plumbing services also protect your floors and walls from water damage. If your sink or your toilet develops a clog, the water can overflow. The walls and the floors were not meant to be wet, so the walls and the floor could sustain water damage. If the water reaches underneath the wallpaper or the plaster, mold could grow. Then, your structural integrity could suffer, and you would need to replace the damaged areas. This can lead to very expensive repairs. With periodic inspections, you won’t have any issues with flooding, and your walls and floors will never sustain water damage.

Our Services

Hope Plumbing in Indianapolis can care for all of your sewer needs. In addition, we also offer several other plumbing services. These include plumbing inspections, gas lines, leak detection, water softeners, water heaters, and drain cleaning services. We also offer sump pump repair services to our Indianapolis customers. In most cases, we provide Zoeller pumps, but if there is a brand that you would rather use, our plumbers can install it for you. In addition, we recommend a battery-powered backup sump pump in case your power goes out. This is important because your backup sump pump will keep your home from flooding if your power ever goes out.

We have Rheem-certified plumbers, and we have been providing excellent plumbing services since 2007. Contact Hope Plumbing for more information on our sewer line services today!

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