Benjamin Franklin said, “A small leak will sink a great ship.” The same can be said for a small leak in your home. Left too long, that ‘little’ leak or drip can create a costly mess and potential health risks. But, if caught early, most of the issues caused by water damage can be prevented. Below, we look at four common reasons your pipes could be leaking and how you can best keep that small leak from ‘sinking’ your home.


There are many reasons your pipes may start corroding. There could be an issue with water quality, a chemical reaction, or your pipes could just be getting old. Regardless, if you start to see rust or other forms of corrosion on your pipes, especially if accompanied by leaks, have it looked at immediately by a professional, licensed plumber. It’s an issue that will only get worse.

Degradation and Movement

Over time, your home moves. The foundation settles, moving everything above it. That movement can cause your pipes to shift and, potentially, separate them. That separation causes water leaks inside your walls. If you notice water stains on your walls, get a professional to take a look as this can cause major damage to your home.

Water Pressure

Most pipes and plumbing fixtures are designed to withstand a certain range of water pressure changes. However, if that pressure is too high, it may crack and leak. If you notice inconsistent water pressure, call a plumber to look at it to save you more trouble down the road. If you have additional concerns about water pressure, you can read more details here.


We’ve all been there. Hair, grease, maybe a kid’s toy car or two, whatever the cause, clogs are one of the most common causes of a leak. You’ll first notice that the water drains slower, perhaps stopping altogether, eventually causing the pipes beneath to start leaking. If left untreated, that can lead to big problems…not the least of which is your kiddo crying over his ‘lost’ toy.

Being diligent, and having a trusted plumber you can call, can ensure these issues won’t cause further, and more costly, damage down the road. If you suspect you have any of these problems, call Hope Plumbing (317) 641-4673 to have one of our professionals out to take a look.

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