Lots of things can cause your drain to be clogged, but one of the most common causes of clogs causing backups is roots. In a neighborhood like Meridian-Kessler, which has lots of beautiful, mature trees, we are bound to have problems with roots.

Roots can reach pretty far in search of a water source, so they often end up growing in our water and sewer lines causing damage that, at a minimum, requires drain cleaning, or worse, excavation and sewer repair.

Roots are part of our everyday lives as homeowners, but they don’t have to ruin our lives. Since roots can cause significant damage to your property, including pipes and sewer, routine application of root killers is recommended to prevent severe damage.

Root killer is primarily made of copper sulfate, which is often the main ingredient used in solutions that treat weed growth in ponds and prevent algae growth in lakes.

Using root killers is an effective way to prevent roots from growing in your water or sewer line. Keep in mind that it typically won’t kill large roots that have already been growing in the lines but applying root killer is a great way to provide preventative maintenance for your sewer.

You can even notice a problem with roots from within your home. You can tell you need a plumber if you have a clogged drain that just won’t quit.

A clog in your drain can make it difficult for your toilet to flush or cause water to drain slowly from your sinks. This can be caused by many things including flushing things that should not be flushed (see our post about why you should never flush tampons here), hair, or, of course, roots growing in the line.

If you notice these signs, a professional plumber should be hired for drain cleaning. We can snake your drain, clearing it of debris and roots growing in the line. A snake is a cable that a plumber feeds down a pipe to break up the blockage. This can usually clear a drain pretty easily, but sometimes the problem is more severe and will require a plumber to open up the drain to clear debris.

An easy way to maintain the health of your sewer is to have your drains cleaned routinely by a professional. Roots can build up in your sewer line, causing unwanted damage to your pipes and sewer, and having them cleaned by a professional may even help prolong the life of your sewer.

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