Dealing with pests in the house is something no one wants to confront, but sometimes pests aren’t the biggest issue. Bugs, rodents, and other pests can find a plethora of entries into the home, and something will often attract a pest into your residence. In some cases, pest infestations could be a sign of plumbing issues and sewer problems.

If you suddenly see an uptick of pests and rodents in your home, then you will want to determine the root cause and have repairs done before the problem gets worse. Learn more about the direct connection between sewer problems and pest infestations and how a professional plumber can help remedy the situation.

Water Leaks and Pest Survival

Much like humans, pests need water to thrive. While we prefer clean and filtered water, pests will rely on any type of water they can find, including water that exits through sewer pipes. When your plumbing system has a water leak, the water will attract all kinds of insects like cockroaches, ants, and silverfish. When you imagine a water leak, you probably envision a major drainage issue, but it does not take much water to attract insects. Even a slow drip will attract insects to the source of the water. If the leak occurs inside, then you may start seeing the presence of insects in your home.

In some cases, your plumbing system does not need a full leak to attract pests. For example, poor insulation or a major fluctuation in temperatures could lead to condensation on your pipes. The condensation alone could start attracting pests. If you notice a dramatic increase of bugs in your house, then you will want to contact a plumber for an inspection. A plumber can complete a full inspection of your sewer pipes and determine some of the problem areas.

Despite the nasty feeling that bugs may give you, sometimes their appearance could be a blessing. If you find a plumbing problem early enough, a plumber can repair the issue before things get much worse. For example, the repairs done to a small plumbing leak can prevent major water damage. If the leak is ignored or missed, then it could grow bigger or eventually cause a whole pipe burst.

Once a leak goes on for a while, it can severely damage surrounding structures. Damp material also attracts wood-boring insects like termites. Problems compound from the source of a leak.

The repairs will naturally cause pests to go away and seek alternative sources of water. You will save a lot of money on parts in the process, and the prevention of a water leak or major sewer problem can prevent the need to dig up your yard or make full repairs to other areas.

Clogged Pipes and Pest Entryways

A clogged sewer pipe can create an entryway for pests in your home. When clogs are deep in the pipes, they may increase the pressure on pipes and create cracks. Many pests, including mice and cockroaches, can squeeze their way through extremely tight areas. So, even something as small as a crack could be enough for pests to get in. When a clog creates a crack, there will be an open lane for pests to find their way through the pipes.

Unfortunately, you may not notice the pests right away. In many cases, the pests will crawl their way through the pipes only to get washed down each time the pipes get used. This is common in drain areas like showers and sinks. When they’re dry for long enough, you may notice insects that come directly up from the drains. Chances are, some have nested inside the drain, and bugs have come up out of it seeking more sources of food and water. While your first instinct may be to call an exterminator, you should also call a plumber to find the true source of the problem. A plumber will help ensure new pests don’t come back in the future and your plumbing problems get fixed.

The pests themselves can create or worsen clogs as well. For example, a mouse may find its way into a drainpipe, get washed away by water, drown, and perish inside the pipe. The body of a mouse can cause a major obstruction, and other waste can cling to the body to create an even bigger clog. You may notice slow-draining sinks or showers. A toilet may not flush as well as it’s supposed to. When a clog sits deep within your sewer pipes, you will want professional help to clean it out and inspect the pipes. Any attempts at your own solutions could end up causing more damage.

Unused Sewer Drains and Pest Tunnels

If you have any unused drains in your home, then you may also run into pest infestations. For example, you may have a spare bathroom that rarely gets used. The empty sink drain could create a tunnel for pests to crawl through. Those alternately dry and damp spaces are ample areas for pests to explore. They may eventually reach the end of the drain and make their way to your bathroom.

Not only could they crawl through drain pipes and sewers, but they can create damage along the way. For example, a mouse could scratch or chew through different materials, causing plumbing issues and leaks. Some bugs can chew through those materials as well. The unhindered time they enjoy in an unused drainage pipe will only give these pests more opportunity to cause damage.

Ideally you want to run a little water at least once a week to ensure the plumbing operates smoothly. If you already have a pest infestation in these areas, then have the areas treated first, and then start a regular regimen to ensure pests don’t come back in the future.

A professional plumber can provide services like a drain inspection to see signs of possible infestation. The inspection includes the use of a snake camera. A snake camera features a small lens attached to the end of a long tube that gets fed down various drains. Using a monitor, a plumber will watch the footage in real-time to inspect the pipes. Along with the presence of pests, a plumber may be able to look for other signs of infestation. With the use of a snake cam, the exact location of the problem gets discovered and the ability to make repairs becomes a lot easier.

When you need professional plumbing services, you can rely on Hope Plumbing to find the source of the pest issue and make repairs to help prevent future problems. We have years of plumbing experience and professional tools to get the job done correctly. The plumbing repairs you do now will only help deter pest infestations in the future and ensure bugs and rodents stay away from your home in the long term.

Along with sewer repair, we offer a wide range of other plumbing services, including drain cleaning, water softener installations, full sewer replacements, and tankless water heater installations. Contact us at Hope Plumbing today to make an appointment anywhere in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas.

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