Sometimes we get Angie’s List review that makes us feel so happy… In a time where it’s really hard to ignore negativity, we appreciate people who take a moment out of their day to give praise. Professional plumbing services are a necessity for every home now and then, and we hope to make any repairs you might need as painless as possible.

At the same time, we know that some plumbing repairs can be a little painful. Having your sewer replaced is one of those times.

We recently worked with a customer who needed their main sewer line replaced from the house to the sidewalk, which ran between two trees. These homeowners had recurring problems with roots growing into the line, affecting the original clay tile system.

After having their drain cleared a minimum of 1-2 times per year, the homeowners called Hope Plumbing to replace the sewer line.

Thankfully, this time, sewer replacement wasn’t super painful. Read on for their review.

“Outstanding response time! After sending the request via Angie’s List the night before three companies that fit the profile I was looking for, Hope Plumbing responded first and was able to meet me at my house before anyone else had even called me back.

“I immediately liked the guys, could tell they were knowledgeable and passionate about their profession, and NEVER felt pressured to use them. More so, I didn’t want to lose more time dealing with proposals and meetings… the price was better than a previous quote by $1000, and I immediately felt trust for Jack and Brad.

“They explained they were able to get to the job quickly and communicated what I could expect with exceptional tact and professionalism. They arrived the day they anticipated, and within the time window.

“I was out of town and received a call from Kelli that the job was complete. She also provided excellent customer service, assuring me it was not a problem when I erroneously gave her the wrong credit card information and needed to call the following day.

“When I arrived home, I was impressed with the way they had left my yard. When other homes in my neighborhood had the same work performed, a mound of dirt was left and that was the end of the story. They took extra time to spread the dirt in the low spots around the trees right next to the drain. I will recommend Hope Plumbing to anyone who asks!”

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