Hope Plumbing is growing. Growing very fast, actually. And as a result, we’re expanding our team not just with plumbers and technicians, but we’re also adding new team members for customer service and community outreach.

Our latest “Hope” dealer really stood out to us during the hiring process due to her name.

Meet Hope Blunk!

Hope is the new Marketing and Community Engagement Manager at Hope Plumbing. Her job is to get the word out about our great services and be a liaison to the community where we are seeking to sponsor more events. In addition, Hope will help keep the team happy and build our culture through creating monthly team events, recognizing their accomplishments, and making Hope Plumbing an even better place to work.

Hope, originally from Ohio, is a recent transplant to Indy by way of Madison, Wisconsin. We took some time to get to know Hope on her first day and this is what we learned:

Hope Plumbing: Why did you move to Indy?

Hope Blunk: My fiancé and I moved here for job opportunities and to be closer to our families in Ohio.

HP: Fiancé, eh? When did that happen?

HB: This weekend actually! He proposed on The Circle and even though we have been dating since high school, it was a complete surprise.

HP: Where did you go to college?

HB: I went to THE Ohio State University where I majored in Strategic Communications with a minor in Fashion and Retail Studies.

HP: So, you didn’t study plumbing in school?

HB: No, I don’t know anything about plumbing, but I’m excited to learn! I have previously worked in advertising sales but also in marketing at an office supplier. I loved learning about a new business I never really thought of and seeing how I could get the message out to people.

HP: What have you liked most about moving to Indy?

HB: I have enjoyed getting to try new places. Indy seems like a great place to start a life in. So far, I fell in love with The Fashion Mall and Four Day Ray Brewing in Fishers.

HP: What most excites you about your new job at Hope Plumbing?

HB: I am most excited about engaging with the community. Since I am new here, I want to get involved, get out there and see what Indy has to offer.

HP: What was your impression of the big group of plumbers when you first met them?

HB: I found the whole team very personal and very nice!

HP: OK, now a few quick questions: Favorite sports team? Any pets? What hobbies do you have?

HB: My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. I have a “Shorkie” (Yorkie Shih-Tzu), named Jax and he is amazing. My hobbies revolve around fashion blogs and watching Reality TV shows like Real Housewives, Survivor, Big Brother and DIY fixer-upper shows. I’m kind of a junkie for those things.

Welcome to the team, Hope! We “Hope” you like it here.

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