Meet Heidi Hightshoe – Hope Plumbing ‘s first female plumber!

We recently took some time to get to know Heidi and this is what we learned:

Hope Plumbing: Where did you grow up?

Heidi Hightshoe: Right here in Indianapolis. I played competitive basketball for many years with the AAU leagues.

HP: Tell us about your life after graduating high school.

HH: I was a National Guard with the military in Johnson Country for four years.

HP: So, what were you doing before Hope Plumbing?

HH: I was a carpenter/handyman several years before I started plumbing. One of my previous customers told me to I’d make a great plumber and that’s what sparked my interest. So, I made the jump the plumbing in 2012 and it was a great decision.

HP: What most excites you about your new job at Hope Plumbing?

HH: I enjoy residential plumbing and interacting with all the different customers.

HP: What was your impression of the group of plumbers when you first met them?

HH:Hope Plumbing is like a big family. I found the whole team very friendly and so helpful – it made training easy and fun.

HP: Any pets?

HH: I do! 2 Pit Bull mixes named Dante & Maya.

HP: What hobbies do you have?

HH: I absolutely LOVE to fish and be by the water. I’m also a HUGE 90’s music fan!

HP: Favorite movie?

HH: Men of Honor with Cuba Gooding Jr.

HP: Favorite Indianapolis restaurant?

HH: Hands down, Grindstone Charley’s. The Jack Daniels Bourbon Steak is my favorite.

Welcome to the team, Heidi!

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