Hope Plumbing: Where did you grow up?

Gabe Whitcomb: I was born & raised in Indianapolis. I attended North Central High School.

HP: Previous career?

GW: I was a Customer Service Rep at Angie’s List for almost three years. Before that, I worked at Barnes & Noble’s bookstore for eight years.

HP: Tell me about your fiancé.

GW: Adriann and I have been together for eight years. She works at the Indiana Grand Racing & Casino in Shelbyville,

HP: Do you have any pets?

GW: I have two cats – Harry & Newt, they are both around the age of five.

HP: Now a few quick questions: What hobbies do you have?

GW: I like watching movies, playing video games, & watching football. I have a lot of favorite teams, Colts, Steelers, and Eagles fans. Norte Dame, Oregon, West Virginia & Boise State. I’m also in a metal music band, called Conjurer.

HP: What is your favorite Indianapolis restaurant?

GW: 3 Carrots, it recently opened in Fountain Square.

HP: What is your favorite television show?

GW: Doctor Who is my favorite television show. I also like Modern Family. I’m a big fan of sitcoms.

HP: Lastly, what most excites you about your new job at Hope Plumbing?

GW: The fact that I felt at home quickly makes me most excited about my new position at Hope Plumbing!

Welcome to the team, Gabe!

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