Meet Our Dispatcher, Britt

  1. Before starting at Hope Plumbing six months ago, Britt previously worked at Angie’s List for 5 years. Before that, she taught High School English for one year.
  2. Britt and her husband, Dennis have been married for six years. ♥️
  3. They have three fur babies; Harry, Dobby, and Ollie (all named after Harry Potter characters).
  4. Britt loves to read + craft. She spends most of her free time making decor & invitations for family + friends.
  5. Britt’s favorite thing about Hope Plumbing is the people! Without a doubt, she (and we) believes that we have some of the best guys in the trade. She looks forward to coming to work every day because of them.
  6. Fun fact?! Britt loves bright and neon colors – come summer her hair will be bright fuchsia.
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