The moment Jacob heard Jack Hope of Hope Plumbing on the radio, his life was forever changed. Jacob, a factory worker at the time, didn’t think a career in plumbing was a possibility for him – he had zero training or technical skills – but when he heard Jack talking about the trades (plumbing, HVAC, electricity) on the Pete the Planner show, he decided to come in for an interview. “The fact that I didn’t need to have to go to college to make a career out of job, there were alternative routes that didn’t include college,” sounded great to Jacob, who had been looking for a career path, and knew college wasn’t for him. “I like working with my hands and I didn’t want to be stuck in an office all day.”

After speaking with Jack, Jacob immediately quit his job in the factory and came to work at Hope. He’s now been in school for almost a year and just completed his first week of service calls driving his own Hope truck. Jacob is currently a drain tech and is well on his way to becoming a licensed plumber.

When Jacob started at Hope, he began as a helper – basically the same thing as being a temp. “You get to do the grunt work and carry all the tools,” he said. Jacob started plumbing school, a four-year program, and two months later and became a licensed apprentice. “That’s when you get to do the real work,” and hands-on training under supervision, he said.

Long-term Jacob hopes to become a licensed plumber, stay with Hope Plumbing and start renovating houses on the side. “I like that I’m on my own, I get to change locations often, I get to talk to new people about their lives and I get to share with them about what I do,” he said. “It’s very satisfying.”

Does this sound like the right move for you? According to Jacob, to get started on your way to becoming a plumber, there are a few things you’ll need, and some you don’t.

What you do need
  • A knack for drumming up a conversation
  • But also knowing when to listen, and listen well
  • A drive to further yourself in your career
  • A positive attitude
  • An independent, self-starting work ethic
  • What you don’t really need:
    • Plumbing experience
    • Mechanical experience

    Does a path to the plumbing trade sound like a dream come true for you? Call us today at Hope Plumbing (317) 641-4673. We’d love to chat with you about opportunities in our field and answer any questions you may have.

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