If you are going through the home buying or selling process, then you already know that a home inspection is part of the deal. But before anyone signs on the final dotted line, you should consider a full home plumbing inspection. It can save you time, money, and stress in the final stages when small details can become big problems for prospective buyers. What are some of the common issues a plumber would look for during these inspections?

Moisture and leaks are by far the most common issue a plumber could find during home inspections. Leaks can pop up in plenty of places around the home, causing costly problems, not to mention health risks. Discoloration at pipe joints, rust, or general corrosion – especially at the base or behind toilets – and stains on the walls or ceiling can all be signs of leaks. In addition, the roof must be watertight to avoid expensive damage.

Water heaters can also be an issue during home sales. The life of a water heater can depend on water quality, water pressure, frequency of use, how well it was installed, and general age. Water heaters are purposefully installed out of sight. However, if they leak, they are also in spots where they could cause major damage, such as in a utility closet. A plumber will know what warning signs to look for and also be able to determine if the tank size is appropriate for your family’s needs. You can read more about water heaters here if you have additional questions.

Proper grading and drainage for a home are critical. The grading of your home should slope away from the property to ensure proper draining. Water pooling near or under a home’s foundation can be a very bad sign and could lead to basement floods or rot and structural damage. If you notice this occurring, either at your home or a home you are thinking about buying, have a plumber come and look at it as soon as possible.

The main sewer line between the home and the city sewer line should also be inspected before any buying or selling. Depending on the age, those lines could be deteriorating, creating clogs or a potential collapse of the line. Plumbers can use a variety of methods to check those lines and make sure there are no issues.

Having a professional, licensed plumber come and do a full plumbing inspection before you purchase a new home, or put yours on the market, can solve these potential issues before they become major problems. This minor expense can save you major headaches and money down the road. The last thing you want is water damage from a leaking toilet tank ‘tanking’ your new home dream.

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