3 Signs You May Have a Mainline Sewer Problem

You likely don't spend too much time thinking about your sewer mainline, the primary line connecting the city's sewer main to your home. Your home's sewer and the city's sewer generally meet at the sidewalk or curb. An even bigger shock to some homeowners is that you are responsible for its care and maintenance.

And when there's a problem with your sewer main, it will definitely grab your attention. As with many plumbing issues, early detection can save you both major mess and expenses down the road.

A localized drain or fixture problem with only cause issues in that area - however, a problem with your main sewer line causes issues with the plumbing all over your home. So, how can you tell the difference? What are the signs of a more serious mainline sewer problem?

1) Drains are Clogged

Clogs happen.Too much hair clogs up your shower drain or maybe someone tried to flush something they shouldn't have. But in the case of a mainline sewer problem, you'll find clogs happening all over the house simultaneously. A major symptom is if you see clogs and water backup start to happen in drains you don't frequently use, like a basement sink.

2) Toilet Problems

If the toilets in your home are having flushing issues, and a good plunging doesn't solve it, you may have a larger problem. Flushing issues in more than just one toilet in your home is one of the biggest signs of a problem with the mainline. If you begin to see this, call a professional plumber immediately. Toilet issues aren't something you want to let sit. You may also notice unpleasant odors around plumbing fixtures in your home.

3) Odd Water Backup

Did your shower drain start to bubble and gurgle when you used your toilet? Did your kitchen sink back up a bit when you did laundry? That's not good. Water will find a way out, so if it is stopped by a clog in one pipe, it will try to get out through another source.

Find out more about what sewer repair can entail, as well as ways to avoid serious damage. If you have questions or want us to come take a look at your mainline, call Hope Plumbing(317-641-HOPE) to have one of our professionals help you out.

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