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The 3 Parts Of A Toilet You Need To Know For Plumbing Maintenance

A few months back, we shared a post that fully outlined the anatomy of a toilet. Knowing all about your toilet can be super useful if you ever have a problem, but it may not be very interesting for everyone. For plumbing maintenance, these are the 3 most important things for you to know about your toilet...

Flapper: The inner parts of your toilet work together to make it flush. When you push down the handle, the flapper lifts, allowing water to be pushed through the trap and into your sewer. The flapper is basically a stopper that keeps water from constantly flowing through the toilet.


Fill Valve: Water flows into the toilet tank from a supply line. As the water in the tank rises, a float on the fill valve rises with it. When the float gets to the top of the fill valve, the toilet stops filling.

fill valve

Flange & Wax Ring: Your toilet is bolted to the floor with a flange and a wax ring. Simply put, the flange is typically a metal rim used for attaching one object to another (example: a toilet to the floor). The wax ring is literally a circle of wax that sits between the flange and the toilet, creating a seal to keep water from leaking.


All of these things are basically the essentials to understanding how your toilet works. If you know these things, it just might help you troubleshoot plumbing issues with your toilet!


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