Sewer repair is a messy business as it will require digging down the line to correct the issue. The sewer line will usually run underground and allow solid and liquid waste to run from your home to the municipal sewer system or a septic tank. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their sewer lines and failure to respond to problems can create much bigger headaches.

In addition to foundation damage from water leaks (depending on the location of the break), you can see the visible deterioration of your yard, an increase in pests, bad odors, spikes water bills, mold, and other signs.

Blocked vs Broken Sewer Lines

A blocked or clogged sewer line will usually show itself through in slow draining over an extended period. This issue can lead to several problems for the homeowner:

  • The water level in a toilet will slowly lower on its own over a few hours.
  • Deposits of white scum around a basement drain.
  • Bathtubs will take a long time to empty.
  • Persistent clogging of toilets and sinks.

A broken sewer line will result in standing pools of water (odorous water … it is traveling to the sewer after all) in your basement or yard. Patches of lush grass growth above the line may be another signal you need your sewers repaired. If the sewer line runs under a driveway, asphalt damage could appear due to the soggy soil underneath.

The Root of the Problem

Sometimes sewer repair is needed due to wear and tear on older homes or if the sewer was plumbed improperly in the past. Yet, roots remain one of the primary sources of sewer line damage. Roots from trees and bushes are adept at finding water, and a line of water of nutrient-rich waste running through your lawn is an ideal source. Once a root takes hold inside a sewer line, it will grow and expand.

Be wary of trees or bushes directly on the sewer line, but also be aware of how far these roots can travel in search of water. A snake cleaning and camera can spot areas of concern during a sewer repair, but regular maintenance and root killer are advised to avoid problems in the first place. We recommend any root killer you would find in a hardware store with copper sulfate as the primary ingredient.

If you have questions about your sewer system or think there may be an issue brewing, our skilled plumbers at Hope Plumbing are here to help. Give us a call now and we can schedule a visit.

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