Meet Kara

  1. Before starting at Hope Plumbing over a year and a half ago, Kara previously worked at Angie’s List for three years.
  2. Kara and her husband, Seth have been married for six years. ♥️
  3. They have three dogs + two snakes: Freya, Luna and Rota + Frank & Rubi.
  4. Kara loves playing video games, reading epic fantasy novels, baking and hiking with her husband + dogs.
  5. Kara’s dream job would be to open a non-profit animal rescue named “Toe Beans and No Beans” for all animals, not just cats + dogs.
  6. Fun fact?! Kara owned her own business in San Diego called “Boat Babies” which involved varnishing and finishing exposure wood on boats to endure high amounts of UV + salt exposure.
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