Imagine you’ve just cooked the best food you’ll ever taste and you’re so excited to sit down and eat… But you’re not excited to clean up afterward. Nobody wants to clean and put away dishes, but one of the biggest problems is disposing of food waste.

You don’t want to clog your drain, of course, so if you don’t have a garbage disposal, you absolutely should not put food of any kind down your drain. It might seem like it’s okay to do it in moderation here and there, but it can eventually lead to a big problem for your drains.

For standard installations, we use InSinkErator Badger garbage disposals. InSinkErator is a very reliable brand. It’s the largest manufacturer of garbage disposals, but get this: according to, they also invented them right here in the Midwest way back in 1927!

John W. Hammes, an architect from Racine, Wisconsin founded InSinkErator (forever changing our lives for the better), when he had an idea for a better way to dispose of food waste in 1927.


Using a garbage disposal is an easy way to prevent large drain clogs. The disposal will grind up any food waste making it easy to flush down your drain with water. Putting food down your sink without disposal will cause clogs, so having a professional plumber install garbage disposal will ultimately prevent unwanted damage to your pipes and sewer.

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