According to water conservationist George Whalen, switching to water-saving fixtures can save you as much as $100 a year in utility costs. Here are some ideas, from a simple homemade fix to high-end fixtures.

Displace the water in your tank You can place a brick or bottle (fill it with something heavy like sand for best results) placed in the toilet tank can take up space. As a result, it’ll cut down on water usage– about 10 gallons a day per flush.

Dual-flush toilets You’ve probably seen toilets with special two-button knobs attached. A dual-flush toilet changes the water volume depending on the type of waste being flushed. — more water for solid waste, less for liquid waste. Turns out this method of saving water is quite effective and can save 67% of water.

Tankless toilet Rather than a tank of water, this water-saving commode relies on water from a supply line with enough pressure to eliminate waste.

Composting toilet Sometimes referred to as anaerobic composting, this might be on the far end of the spectrum but it’s the greenest option because it doesn’t use any water at all.

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