Meet Ashley Sieb, Hope Plumbing‘s newest employee! After spending nearly five years at a local tech company, we are thrilled to share that Ashley is joining the Hope Plumbing team this January.

We asked Ashley to share what she’s most looking forward to at Hope Plumbing and she said, “I am incredibly excited to be a part of a company that always puts customers first – and treats employees like family. You can’t put a price on company culture, and the moment I walked into the doors at Hope Plumbing – I knew this place would soon become my second home.”

We asked Ashley a few more questions about her journey and here is what she had to say:

Hope Plumbing: Ashley, can you tell our awesome customers a bit more about yourself and why you were looking for a new job?

Ashley: Absolutely! I went to Ball State University where I majored in Public Relations and spend a lot of time working at Scotty’s Brewhouse. The weekend after I graduated college, I got married and started my first “real” job a month later. I had a great opportunity to work on a transformative marketing team and had exciting opportunities to build their social media strategy, overhaul the blog, and co-lead the implementation of a marketing automation technology.

After I had my son last year, I started exploring the idea of doing freelance work so I could be in charge of my schedule, spend more time with my son, and work with a variety of clients. My hair stylist is married to one of the owners of Hope Plumbing, Brad Persic. She mentioned Hope Plumbing was looking into wanting someone to do freelance work for them soon.

When Brad emailed me about the possibility of doing freelance work for Hope Plumbing, I was ecstatic! I went into the interview a week later, and everything changed! They told me that Christina, Hope Plumbing‘s current Office Coordinator, was hoping to do more Marketing work over the coming year. The new role would be a full-time position that was a combination of office management, customer communications, and marketing. I loved that Hope Plumbing was listening to Christina’s passion and desire to grow and try something new! It was an early sign that Hope Plumbing truly cares about their employee’s growth, happiness, and overall satisfaction. Despite the position changing from freelance to full-time, I knew this opportunity was exactly what I needed in my life.

Hope Plumbing: We are glad you accepted! The interview process was a bit “untraditional.” What did you like/dislike about our interview process?

Ashley: I loved that the interview process wasn’t very traditional. In more traditional interviews, you walk into a stuffy side office and anxiously wait until everyone walks in one by one. Your palms start sweating and you can’t decide if it’s the nerves or the temperature of the room making you nearly pass out. You get asked a list of canned behavioral questions and cross your fingers that you answered exactly how they’d want you to respond.

In this interview, I walked into Christina’s office and all four of us met collectively. You didn’t have a cheat sheet of behavioral interview questions that make everyone anxious and over-analyze every single word. Everyone had an equal voice during the interview, and you kept asking how I felt about the new position. I loved that everyone was open and honest about the company’s needs, vision, and expectations of the new role. I never felt pressured to be anyone other than myself!

Hope Plumbing: What was your first impression of our company and team?

Ashley: My first impression of the company was based on my pre-interview research from social media and the website. I could tell Hope Plumbing had a great following and happy customers based on the posts and testimonials I found. When I told a few close friends about my interview, they quickly said positive things about the company. A few weeks later, I found out my former CEO had a quote out with Hope Plumbing. It’s a small world!

When I finally got into the office, I could tell that Jack, Brad, and Christina all got along like family. Christina later described Jack and Brad as being some of the most important people in her life. I could tell she appreciated working for Brad and Jack. I also loved when Christina said a healthy and happy work-life balance.

“If I wasn’t working here, I’d be staying at home,” she told me. “Any bad day here is nothing compared to my old job. I love this place.”

At that moment, I thought, “Deal! Where do I sign?”

Hope Plumbing: Now that you’re officially joining the team, what are you looking forward to the most?

Ashley: Honestly, I’m excited that every day I’ll have the opportunity to help someone new. When things break around the house and you’re unable to shower, use the toilet, or even wash your dishes – it’s frustrating! I’m hoping that I can be a cheerful voice over the phone that lets our customers know everything will be just fine and we’re there to help them solve the plumbing problems taking over their home (and day)! There are also rumors that Jack often cooks bacon and eggs for breakfast, so that’s a huge perk of the job!

Hope Plumbing: What scares you about your new role?

Ashley: Leaving a company that I’ve been connected with for nearly 5 years is scary. I’m leaving behind some incredible people, who truly feel like family to me. And that’s a scary and sad feeling – like I’m venturing off to college again. I’ll be starting all over – just like a freshman. I don’t know much about plumbing, and I worry I won’t know the answers to every question at first. But I’m a firm believer that fear is a great motivator. I believe you should never be afraid to try something new because you’re scared of the unknown! I’ll eventually learn the ropes and become more knowledgeable about plumbing than I ever imagined. In the meantime, I’ll have some incredible people to teach me (and make me laugh) along the way!

Hope Plumbing: Is there anything else our customers should know about you?

Ashley: I was voted “Best Laugh” in high school. So if you’re having a bad day, you should call Hope Plumbing just to hear me laugh. I promise I’ll do my best to turn your day around. Overall, I am excited to be a part of the Hope Plumbing team!

To help you get to know our team better, we will be writing more employee spotlight blog posts. Comment below with any fun questions or facts you want to know about your employees. We are excited to see what questions you send in!

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