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Sewer Repairs in Indianapolis

Need Help Maintaining Your Sewer Line? Call Us!

Did you know that homeowners are responsible for maintaining the sewer lines that connect their sewers to the city's main line? Some homeowners do not know that this is their responsibility. Finding out that you need to have your sewer repaired or replaced can be a real shock, but the good news is that we are here for you!

Our Indianapolis plumbers at Hope Plumbing can help you maintain your sewer at a competitive price. We can repair your sewer line before it causes major problems for you and the environment. Our team can also do a routine check-up on your sewer to prevent extensive damage to your pipes that can cause flooding, and groundwater contamination.

Detecting Sewer Problems

If you have water backing up in your basement or if your drains are gurgling or running slowly with weird smells coming out from it, it may be time to have your sewer repaired or replaced.

A number of things can cause damage to your sewer including:

  • Tree roots
  • Shifting soil
  • Frozen ground
  • Grease buildup
  • Blockages
  • Wear and tear due to age
  • Broken seals between pipes

The only reliable way to tell if you need to have sewer repair or replacement is to have a professional plumber inspect the sewer. Our Indianapolis sewer repair technicians are equipped with sewer cameras to get a better look on the condition of your sewer. After we meticulously examine your sewer, only then can we make our recommendations for repair or replacement.

Sewer Repair FAQ

Isn't the City Responsible for My Sewer Line?

Unfortunately, homeowners are fully responsible for the maintenance and repair of all home plumbing, including the lines that travel from residential structures out to the sewer main. This includes all blockages that occur in any public utility easements and public right of way that are defined in the property title. (source)

Do You Really Have to Dig Up My Yard?

A lot of folks put off getting their sewer line replaced for fear of the big mess that has to be made when we come out to dig up the back yard. Yes, you can expect a large backhoe and possibly a shutdown of the street or alley outside your home. You'll have large piles of dirt, a deep trench and caution tape in the yard.

Yes, it's an invasive process and you might feel more comfortable staying in a hotel or somewhere else for a night or two. But I can also tell you that you won't be sorry you took care of the problem and you can trust you're in good hands with Hope. We'll make sure to get your yard back into the best shape we possibly can. When we finish the job and backfill the dirt, there will be a two to four-foot mound of dirt left behind, lasting six months to a year. Here's a tip: If you water the mound, it can be back to normal even faster.

How Long Will the Work You Do Last Me?

If your end up only needing to replace a section or do a spot repair on your sewer line, you'll most likely need to do some maintenance every two to five years. If you replace the whole thing, the sewer work and parts we use come with a 50-year warranty.

Is This a Dangerous Job?

Yes. Taking safety precautions is a big part of this particular job. Our team of experts uses every safety measure to prevent cave-ins during excavation and damage to gas and water lines.

How Much Does a Sewer Repair Cost?

Repairing a sewer line is a complex process. Since the sewer main line is entirely underground, excavating your yard is the only way to access the sewer main. Our experienced plumbers may need to use large equipment, such as a backhoe to reach your sewer main. During the process, we also need to obtain a permit from the city. All these things can certainly add up to the total amount of expenses.

Hope Plumbing offers competitive prices for sewer repair in Indianapolis. We also make sure that our prices are upfront before we proceed with the repair. We understand that it is more important to get your sewer repair fixed rather than making a profit.

Consider Sewer Maintenance by Getting a Clean-Out

A clean-out provides an access point to your sewer line so you can snake it out and break up any roots or debris in the line. To prevent further trouble and ensure ease of future maintenance for your sewer, our plumbers recommend a clean-out installation. Since roots are one of the main culprits in damaging your sewer line, it is wise to routinely have your clean-out snaked to prevent root growth in your line. You can be doing yourself a huge favor in preventing a possible damaging root growth by investing on a clean-out installation.

Have your sewer checked today by our Indianapolis plumbers! Call (317) 900-4513 to prevent further damages.

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