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Top Things You Need to Know About Your Main Sewer Line + Main Line Clearing Special
Top Things You Need to Know About Your Main Sewer Line + Main Line Clearing Special

Preventative maintenance is key! Our owner, Jack Hope, explains how to keep your main sewer line in check! Find out what type of pipe you have. If you do not have an exterior access point, install one. Snake the line regularly. Check out our segment from IndyStyle for more ...

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  • Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

    Here’s a “million dollar” question : How much water should I run in the winter months? Jack Hope shares the answer... Check out our segment from ...

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  • Hope Plumbing Minute Tip : Don't Let Pasta Ruin Your Drains

    Ah, pasta. We all love it, but not what it can do to the drains in our kitchen sinks! Jack Hope, Owner of Hope Plumbing, offers a quick tip. Did you ...

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  • What Not To Put In Your Garbage Disposal

    Attention homeowners: Watching Jack on IndyStyle can make you smarter and save you money on avoidable plumbing problems. If you have a garbage ...

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  • Top 3 Reasons We Don’t Prefer to Give a Quote by Phone

    Many plumbing places offer quotes over the phone, promising accurate pricing before their technicians have even seen the situation at hand. At Hope ...

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  • Dear Restaurants, Get Your Grease Traps Serviced ASAP

    Most of us are aware of the problems fats, oils and grease (FOG) can cause when washed down into sinks or other drains. They can create significant ...

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  • Common Plumbing Pitfalls During Home Inspections

    If you are going through the home buying or selling process, then you already know that a home inspection is part of the deal. But before anyone signs ...

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