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Dear Restaurants, Get Your Grease Traps Serviced ASAP
Dear Restaurants, Get Your Grease Traps Serviced ASAP

Most of us are aware of the problems fats, oils and grease (FOG) can cause when washed down into sinks or other drains. They can create significant clogging issues , causing sewer backups that are costly to repair and can create health concerns by attracting insects and ...

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  • What Causes Burst Pipes?

    Water damage caused by burst pipes is one of the most common claims on homeowner's insurance. As if burst pipes alone weren’t bad enough, they can ...

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  • Strange Plumbing Noises and Their Cause

    Did you hear that? Plumbing problems may not always be seen, but often times they can be heard. When your pipes begin to make strange noises, ...

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  • We’re Hiring a Call Service Representative

    Compensation: Hourly pay plus performance bonuses, benefits and vacation time. Do you have a great attitude and love talking to people? This could be ...

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  • Signs Your Sewer Line Is In Trouble

    You probably know that your sewer line helps transport wastewater from your home to underground sewer mains. Beyond that, most homeowners give little ...

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  • Green Your John

    According to water conservationist George Whalen , switching to water-saving fixtures can save you as much as $100 a year in utility costs. Here are ...

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  • Why I’m a Proud Plumber and Educator

    It may sound silly, but I mean it when I say: I plumb with my heart. Let me tell you what I mean by that. My title here at Hope Plumbing is "Service ...

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  • End-of-Summer Plumbing Checklist

    Ah, summer. A time for leisure, for taking things slow. But the reality is that those pesky plumbing projects you've been putting off during the dog ...

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  • Home Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

    As the old adage says, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." One place that is especially true is in the plumbing of your home. Your home ...

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  • 3 Signs You May Have a Mainline Sewer Problem

    You likely don't spend too much time thinking about your sewer mainline, t he primary line connecting the city's sewer main to your home. Your home's ...

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